• Chantal Panneton
    Interior Design Partner, APDIQ Certified
    Enterprising and audacious, she puts her remarkable intuition for marketing into everything she says. She uses her passion for communicating the importance of creativity to the members of her multidisciplinary team in order to boldly meet challenges and provide the best solution by means of design.

    Her understanding of the psychology of space and the impact of interior layout on how the individual operates, as well as her commitment to quality creation and execution, her dedication to clients and to the conscientious analysis of their needs, her knowledge of social and property requirements – all of these factors elevate the firm’s actions to unequalled excellence.

    Ms. Panneton founded A2DESIGN upon finishing her interior design studies in 1991 and joined the Association professionnelle des designers d’intérieur du Québec. Determined to distinguish herself in the field, she deployed her assets and got involved in every sphere of activity in design and architecture. Beyond managing the company, she boasts more than 20 years’ passionate work as well as her intimate knowledge of business and real estate development, ensuring the advancement of the firm’s multidisciplinary services. Ms. Panneton offers all her clients creative, effective solutions – and an unprecedented degree of partnership. She has primarily worked on real estate projects; that is, hundreds of commercial and office design projects throughout Quebec and Ontario.

  • Stéphan Grenier
    Partner, Architecture Technology Expert, OTPQ
    Innovative, curious and investigative, his natural ease in developing new information technologies for BIM applications like Revit® have allowed the company to innovate within its project performance procedures and processes since the early 2000s.

    He ensures that every project, virtualized in 3D by the team, contains all the information collected, guaranteeing our clients will fully understand the issues of their project.

    As a partner at A2DESIGN since 1994, Mr. Grenier has rigorously developed working procedures and project management tools for the firm. With a degree in Architectural Engineering from the CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal in 1991, Mr. Grenier has been a member of the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec (OTPQ) since 1988.

    In the pre-project phase or during planning sessions, Mr. Grenier focuses on evaluating the feasibility of a new project, its concrete and logistical requirements – keeping regulatory demands in mind. In addition, the experience he gained as vice-president of a construction company until 2007 gives Mr. Grenier an exceptional mastery of construction principles, in both theory and practice.

  • Faber Cayouette
    Partner, Architect, OAQ – Landscape Architect, AAPQ – Urban Designer, ADUQ Director of Strategic Design
    Passionate, creative and multifaceted, his holistic viewpoint lends to the integral role he plays in urban design, architecture and landscape architecture, His comprehensive, dynamic and proactive approach along with his experience and skill sets enable him to oversee projects which respond perfectly to the specific needs of clients and users alike.

    His career path of over 30 years, working with a number of consortiums and multidisciplinary teams, has contributed to his strong sense of diplomacy and tact while consistently adapting to a broad range of environments. Up on the most recent trends in design and active in industry competitions, he successfully hatches technical solutions, of which some are quite complex indeed!

    With A2DESIGN since 2016, Mr. Cayouette earned his Certificate as a Technician in Architecture from Rimouski College (1983), a Bachelor of Architecture from Université de Laval (1991) and is a Member of the OAQ (1994). After 25 years in landscape architecture and urban design, he went on to become a Landscape Architect Emeritus, AAPQ (2009). Throughout his career he has participated in various large-scale projects for several renowned architectural firms. His collaborative endeavours span diverse sectors, from residential to industrial, through to commercial, institutional, gaming, museums and interpretation centres.

  • JoAnne Boileau
    Partner, Business Development Commercial Division, Auto Dealership

    Mrs. Boileau developed her expertise in the conception and the design of several dealerships and automobile manufacturers for more than 25 years, JoAnne joins our multidisciplinary team to reach her new goals and professional challenges to the advantage of the clientele throughout Canada, allowing her to answer to the emergence of new opportunities.