Saint-Bruno sur le Lac

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Saint-Bruno sur le Lac
267 000 sq. ft.



Ensure that a wonderful atmosphere is created for the common areas, in order to meet the needs of two distinct types of customers. With the townhouses’ apartments, the promoter targets the young affluent professionals, while the penthouses are intended for more mature and luxury fervent buyers.


For the townhouses’ lobby and corridor, we opted for a modern concept. Textured concrete walls, carpet tiles with random patterns and accents of bright colors enhance the decor’s vibrancy and create a more dynamic feel to the long corridor. Overall, we have a young and hype decor reflecting the targeted clientele. For the penthouses, the contemporary style of the common spaces is enhanced by the presence of wood paneling and classical carpet style, a chic and timeless atmosphere. Its soberness harmonise with the French architectural style of this real estate project. The lobby’s focal point, an impressive work of contemporary art glass embedded in the wall. Vivid color managed to steal the spotlight of the sober materials.


On one side we have youthful and stylish style; on the other side, we have noble and luxurious atmosphere. Everyone’s needs are met and are without a doubt above their expectations. Customers will be able to discover and enjoy a contemporary style in a unique, natural and prestigious place, at the heart of urban life.