Rubino Chassures

  • Architecture

  • Commercial

Fiche Technique

7 100 sq. ft.



We managed to define the new image of the Rubino stores with a modern concept and by wisely maximising the spaces. Our goal was to accommodate the customers with a refined retail space, while remaining accessible to all, in order to facilitate customers’ shopping experience.


The space was redesigned by subdividing the areas according to the different brand and styles. These areas were delineated by hanging architectural ceilings creations combined with an amalgamation of lighting suspensions, which highlight the benches and the integrated shelves. The trademarks footwear display is standardized through printing on acrylic. The imposing cash counter is made of quartz and glass panel arise prestige and character. Numerous storages and displays were enhanced, by smartly hiding important layaway spaces, while emphasizing the marketed products.


Through refreshing, unique and functional design, we managed to create a branch that distinguishes itself. All of this at an economic construction price and suiting the customer's request perfectly, but especially by promoting the customers shopping experience.