Réseau Sélection – Havre de l’Estuaire – Phases I & II

  • Residential

Fiche Technique

Bas St-Laurent
457 000 sq. ft.



The first challenge was to create a functional and practical design answering the needs of seniors and also offering a profitable solution that corresponds with the budgeting objective of the management. The second challenge was to create a common area in Tower A that will serve both clienteles.


Every resource was studied to make sure that every apartment was a show-stopper. First we wanted to create a comfortable environment with a warm ambiance where “joie de vivre” is a way of life. To have this, our materials had to be of a durable quality, a style that emphasizes clean lines timeless yet very current. In this user friendly atmosphere, we are sure to make the daily life easy and as pleasant as possible by making functional apartments that include, for one, quite a few spaces for storage.


Taking our inspiration from the environment where the residence will be erected, we conceived a very human design that puts the emphasis on the majestic Saint-Lawrence river......insuring that all residents will feel the sea breeze. Already 75% leased the residence propose an extraordinary way of life for retirees of that region. Le Havre de l’Estuaire is ambiance, safety and services, in a spacious and bright environment that says “joie de vivre”.

In collaboration with Jean Grondin Architecte and ACDF* Architecture.