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  • Mixed-use

Fiche Technique



A2DESIGN participates in the development of an untapped 340,600 square feet, located in the heart of the Novoparc from the municipality of Varennes. This industrial sector currently on an undergoing expansion, the Client wishes to develop a new shopping center in this area. The mixed-use building will serve to house office spaces and services to meet the growing demands of users working in the sector.


Reflect the specific and highly technological context of the Novoparc, establishing itself as a center of innovation in green and renewable energy. Successfully conduct a site located at the intersection of two (2) roads dedicated to traffic, and, in an industry with low density. Generate a high level of traffic on the site by offering an attractive restaurants area as well as a range of new distinctive and competitive services. The architecture must allow a multi-purpose use, in addition to being adapted to a site with an irregular square shape, constrained by a servitude on the front margin that doesn't allow the planning and / or construction of the southern tip of land.


Design of a building with the integration of "green" and renewable energies. Architecture inspired by the renewal cycle of materials and the loop of renewable energy. The various functions required for the intended use of the building are integrated into a single building, facilitating the movement from one service to another. The energy generated by human movement is deployed across all areas of the site, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment. Division of the site into three distinct areas: a fully landscaped green space in front servitude, a service station and a complex in form of "L" and whose office tower acts as a focal point signal. Strategic positioning of terraces following a study of the sun's path. Implementation of offices spaces within a distinctive massing and signage for the entire site.


Design of an innovative multifunction site, for a unique and exhilarating experience. Food spaces catering an Epicurean and fast character, in addition to offering spaces and services designed to work in harmony with the environment of the complex. The bold signature of the project will contribute significantly to the development of this growing sector.