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Founded in 2001, Palos Management is a financial management firm headquartered in Montreal that offers a variety of investment products and solutions. The firm’s assets under management totalled $170 million in 2014.

At the end of its lease, Palos Management wanted to relocate with the goal of creating a better dynamic between its different sectors of activity. In order to optimize space, they moved to an office with less square footage.


We were tasked with creating an efficient environment consistent with the Palos brand image. We needed to group various independent entities together under one roof in the most efficient manner possible, with the goal of optimizing use of space. In fact, four companies shared the same common areas. The design had to allow them all to use the shared areas and services, such as the archives, reception, meeting rooms and cafeteria.


Design spaces that provide the confidentiality necessary for the client’s type of business (finance).

Respect the client’s desire to retain closed offices for confidentiality.

Use moveable partitions to enable a flexible space that can be reconfigured as needed to adapt to any changes in the future.

Use attractive, flexible partitions that make it possible to change the appearance of the walls while lowering costs.

Provide assistance with the strategy of reducing costs by optimizing space and reusing some furniture, such as file cabinets (which were repainted to perfectly match the new design).