Notaire René Prince Fanny Houle

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Fiche Technique

1 400 sq. ft.



Create a Wow factor; disarm and delight customers from the moment they enter the office; instil comfort and confidence with design and branding innovations.


"A2’s design strategy begins with one of this industry’s most conventional emblems – the quill pen and inkwell, symbolizing the stability of centuries-old traditions – and turns it into a powerful, highly modernized brand signature. From this single image (in this case using unique shape and distinctive colours of a peacock feather), A2 created its entire design platform – beginning with the colours, graphical wall treatment and décor of the office space itself. The bright colours are complemented by the clean crisp lines of the contemporary furnishings, and grounded by the dark wood floors, which add warmth and comfort while reinforcing a sense of strength and stability.

A2 then extended the new visual style of the business with a branding program that reaches across all customer touch points, including corporate stationery, website and other marketing materials."


A notary office unlike any other, and a completely new corporate identity, in which bold design and traditional iconic imagery work together to create a surprising, refreshing, reassuring customer experience.