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Fiche Technique

320 000$
2 500 sq.ft.


A new spa concept in Laval, offering innovative facilities and a new approach of relaxation, allowing its customers to recover quickly. Today's lifestyle is sometimes source of harmful stress, so flO now offers new solutions for active people.


Develop a new relaxation concept while developing new technologies for body treatments, such as Neurospas, Capsule spas, floating baths and oxygen stations. The goal was to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and escape, in addition to publicize this new relaxation experience.


The customer was now able to walk freely between the different treatments offered. The premises has been planned to simplify the relaxation, offering a relaxing atmosphere with cozy felted indirect lighting. The touch of repetitive turquoise is energizing and relates to the logo also created by A2DESIGN. All this integrated with rustic wood and finishes, giving its charm for relaxation assured. Starting from a blank canvas, A2DESIGN developed the concept, the name, the logo, the branding and the website, in addition to supporting the customer through various media of communication events. What a beautiful fusion between design and branding.


A2DESIGN was able to understand the particular needs of the project and insure a high quality result. Opened on November 27, 2013, flO is a very innovative spa which is adapted to the working lives of today's people. Fully invigorated and in a short lap of time, flO spa customers can return to their daily activities after a full of energy.