Cogir – Jazz Longueuil

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Fiche Technique

35 M$
168 000 sq.ft.


Cogir Management Corporation retained A2DESIGN for the expansion of its Jazz Longueil retirement complex. Phase 2 of the project consists of expanding the site with an additional 12 new residential floors, connected by an extension (basilaire) to Phase 1, erected in 2005. Further to the 197 residential units, this new building will also offer common rooms and services. The 2nd floor of the new structure will welcome residents requiring assisted-living care. Both buildings are to be linked by two (2) levels of underground parking.


Create an add-on reflective of Phase 1 through the use of certain architectural elements such as the building materials, large windows and spacious balconies.

Preserving the Jazz brand by infusing a sleek and modern ambiance throughout these new designs. Add a bistro to the main level as well as a multi-purpose community hall able to accommodate up to 300 people for special events, a convenience store with pharmacy, a playroom for children, a reading room and a centre for professionals and healthcare providers.

On the 2nd storey, develop a floor dedicated to providing secure and adapted care for a clientele coping with a loss of autonomy who will require assisted-living services.


La modénature du bâtiment ainsi que les matériaux furent repris afin de favoriser l’intégration au milieu existant. Le rez–de-chaussée des phases 1 et 2 offrent maintenant des espaces exceptionnels de récréologie ainsi que des lieux de convivialité propices aux rencontres. Tous les services y sont intégrés de manière à répondre adéquatement aux goûts et besoins des résidents.

La typologie des appartements a également été repensée afin d'optimiser les aménagements. Un nouveau concept de cuisine avec îlot permet d’offrir des espaces ouverts et lumineux aux pièces de vie. De plus, les deux (2) derniers niveaux de type penthouses proposent aux résidents un choix varié de matériaux plus somptueux.

Le 2ième étage consiste en un milieu où il fait bon vivre par des espaces de vie conçus selon les besoins des résidents : une salle à manger et un salon d’activités. Un poste d’infirmière centrale permet d’y assurer la veille et la sécurité.


Building features and materials were matched with the existing milieu for a better, more seamless integration. The Ground floors of Phases 1 and 2 now offer exceptional recreation spaces as well as meeting areas for get-togethers and special occasions. All services have been integrated to adequately meet the tastes and needs of residents.

Apartment typology was also reassessed so as to optimize the redesigns. A new kitchen concept with island, offering open, airy and bright living areas. In addition, the two (2) penthouse-style top floors offer residents a varied selection of luxurious materials.

The 2nd Floor provides of comfortable common living environment with spaces designed to meet the needs of residents: a dining room, and activity room. A centrally-located nursing station to ensure resident care and safety.

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