Cité Cosmo

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Cosmo City is part of a real estate development located in the heart of Centropolis in Laval. Signed Groupe Cholette, this new building (second phase) of 9 floors welcomes 137 units as well as a floor of penthouse style apartments.


Conceive the planning and the design of all public areas including the main lobby, elevator lobbies and corridors. Create an effect both contemporary and bold, while respecting the branding image already established by Cosmo City. Develop the concept of a penthouse style floor highly distinctive and exclusive.


A2DESIGN developed a concept and an interior signage that integrates seamlessly with the visual identity already established. The impressive lobby of the building has been enhanced with chrome, large format ceramics with subtle textures, wood and lighting with crisp and simple lines. The selection of elegant and luxurious finishes, paired with ultra-contemporary furniture, gave the "penthouse" floor the distinguished and upscale effect desired.


The result obtained by A2DESIGN creates a reminiscent look of renowned hotels. With a timeless and contemporary design, we were able to create a luxurious atmosphere with a unique and sober character. An exceptional design reflecting the urban lifestyle of the district!