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800M $
250 000 sq. ft.


Founded in 1938, Agropur is an important player in the North American dairy industry, with sales of more than $4.7 billion in 2014. The Cooperative is a source of pride for its 3,473 dairy producer members and its 8,000 employees. Agropur processes more than 5.4 billion litres of milk per year in its 40 plants across North America.


The new head quarter is connected to the Fine Cheese Business Unit’s existing building in St-Hubert (Longueuil). The construction began in March 2014.

The building houses Agropur’s corporate departments and some of its operating sectors under one roof, in an environment that encourages communication and discussion, features practical and accessible meeting places, and affords a view of the woods that were preserved. The new building is surrounded by green spaces, and provides indoor parking to employees and visitors.

The new workplace is a tool for promoting communication and capturing synergies between the various business units. It’s also an environment that is highly stimulating for the teams and also very responsive to the needs of future generations.

The Agropur head office creates a new working dynamic. This state-of-the-art, LEED-certified building improves efficiency and energizes the internal functioning by increasing the well-being of individuals and work teams.

A2’s mandate was to plan how five different branches of the company should be concentrated in a single building. The planning had to support a fluid dynamic between the departments. Our aim was to promote good synergy by listening and understanding the needs of each division. One of our challenges was to adapt our plans to the existing building as designed by the architect.


In order to carry out adequate planning, we met the executive management to better understand the department’s need and proximity.

We also carried out ergonomic studies to develop the new workstations, and completed the standardization of workstations and furniture so as to allow for flexibility required for future growth.

Finally, we completed the whole process of furniture selection.