A2DESIGN | Differentiated Strategies and Offers for Montreal and Laval

Since its founding in 1994, A2DESIGN has proudly contributed to the success of Real Estate residential, commercial, corporate and institutional projects. Following a merger that took place three years ago, A2DESIGN continues to innovate to its clients’ satisfaction and to experience a significant growth. In order to bring to life their respective vision, the managers of A2DESIGN Montreal and Laval offices have decided to focus on developing differentiated strategies and offers.


Therefore, as of March 1, 2020, the A2DESIGN Montreal office will operate separately from A2DESIGN Laval.

A2DESIGN will continue to carry out its regular operations at Laval and will pursue its redefined vision under the same team of dedicated professionals. The partners are Chantal Panneton, General Manager, Faber Cayouette, Director of Architecture, Stéphan Grenier, BIM Strategy and Technology and Joanne Boileau, Business Development Commercial Division – Auto Dealership.



At A2DESIGN, all of our projects have one thing in common: regardless of their purpose, they are first and foremost intended to encourage people to thrive.


 Since A2DESIGN’s mission is to achieve and even surpass its clients’ objectives, the firm places people at the heart of its projects more than ever. The renewed vision of A2DESIGN consists in creating exceptional environments which actively contribute to improving the quality of life of the occupants and which perfectly blend into their surrounding landscape. Whether indoors or outdoors, designed for living, working or entertaining, the spaces we create aim to promote well-being, inspire the people who inhabit them – or those who are passing by – and provide them with a unique user experience.


The complementary nature of A2DESIGN’ four areas of expertise: Design, Architecture, Urban Design and Graphic Design, enables us to continue developing and delivering comprehensive and innovative projects, in harmony with their environment.


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