BIM Design 2013

The company Procad Consultants organized the BIM Design 2013 conference at the Monument-National in Montreal, on April 25th. The co-presenters, Mr. Stephan Grenier, vice president of A2 Design Inc. and Mr. Pierre Cardinal, the company founder of Axel Strategies, presented the benefits of using BIM Revit ® software in the seminar entitled “How to win contracts with BIM … and make a difference!”

As communications experts, their main goal was to simplify the notion of BIM, by demonstrating, with concrete examples, the benefits of using Revit ® as sales tools. Mr. Grenier is naturally comfortable with new cutting-edge technologies. Indeed, his daring and sense of innovation has been able to position A2 Design forefront, thanks to the use of Revit ® software, installed and operated by the company since the early 2000s.

Congratulations gentlemen for this exciting presentation!

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