A2 Design laureate at Grands Prix du Design 2011

It’s on December 14th that the 5th edition of Grands Prix du Design got under way in Montreal, formerly known as Prix Intérieurs / Ferdie, this contest puts the spot light on Quebec’s own design and architectures’ talents.

A2 Design, was one of 103 agencies who submitted their candidacy in this contest, and was nominated 4 times during the gala evening. In the ‘Bureau’ category for ‘Notaires René Prince Fanny Houle’ project, in the ‘Commercial’ category for ‘Le Comptoir à Rolland’ and ‘Le Samuel’ projects, finally in the ‘Terrasse’ category for ‘Le Samuel’.

Full of pride and enthusiasm the multi disciplinary team from A2 Design won 1st prize in the ‘Terrasse’ category for ‘Le Samuel’. 287 projects were submitted and 49 were awarded prizes for this prestigious contest.

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