A2 Design celebrates Christmas and honors their employees

It’s at Le Samuel on November 25th, that A2 Design celebrated Christmas and launched their first Recognition Gala – Tribute to our employees. In fact, it’s under the theme ‘’Black White Red’’ that our whole team spent our Christmas day 2011….. as they came in to work a Christmas magic spell had struck ….. decorations, gifts, Christmas music , fragrance of apple cinnamon , champagne, delicious pastries, quiz …… everything was there so we could be under the Christmas spirit !

As soon as we landed in our sled along the Richelieu River, we were greeted with a welcome cocktail followed by a wonderful four course meal expertly prepared by well known chef Pierre Dufour and his brigade. Geneviève and Valerie expertly hosted this gala , giving out to each employee an award summing up what the employee stands for. Each winner needed to address the crowd, emotional moments, laughter on the menu. As soon as our desert was done and everybody had their award, poof ! …… high heels came off and dancing was on ! Laughter, hugs, kisses, all around craziness we rocked down the house ! When the clock struck twelve, our sled was there waiting, all warm and cozy to take us safely back home !

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