A2 Design to Develop Branding Strategy for New Mazda Dealership …

With construction well underway for a new Mazda location for Domaine Mazda, A2 Design’s marketing team is revving up their engines and getting ready to turn up the excitement for Mazda fans and new customers in the Pointe aux Trembles market.

As part of its integrated design strategy that encompasses all aspects of the dealership’s architecture and interior design, A2 will also develop and implement the third phase of the solution – in the form of an all-new branding program. The branding program actually began with the decision to change the name, from Domaine Mazda to Mazda Pointe-aux-Trembles. From there, A2 will design a new logo and a complete corporate identity program, which will include signage, interior and exterior graphics, stationery, business cards, etc. The “look and feel” of the brand will also be extended across Mazda Pointe-aux-Trembles’ future advertising and promotions.

A2 marketing director Chantal Myre explains that A2’s end goal is to create a consistent, unified brand “signature” that reflects his team’s talent, energy and dedication. “With this new location, the owner, Stéphane St-Louis, wants to send a powerful message to the marketplace,” says Chantal. “From day one, his objective was to create an environment, and a customer experience, that reflects the very highest standards of service, value and ongoing satisfaction. We were inspired by his vision, and that’s what informs our strategy, not only for the branding, but also for our interior design strategy and for the architecture with Marc Lafontaine Architecte firm. Everything works together to create the brand’s overall unity.” Construction began in early July following the official groundbreaking ceremony in June, and the new location is scheduled to open in the winter of 2011-12.

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